Sunday, September 13, 2015

Vancouver Food Festival

I got Chris and the rest of the family tickets to the Vancouver Food Festival for his birthday. Of course Maddie and Izzie went for the "American" booth and got corndogs. But I do have to admit, they were pretty good corndogs.

Chris and Mom.

Amanda and John. It was a very hot day for a September!

I convinced Izzie to go on the rickety ferris wheel with me. We just were hoping the thing stayed in once piece while we were on it!

Irish Dancers on the stage. We also saw some martial arts displays. It was a pretty fun festival.

The next day, I took Izzie out to pick out fabric for her Halloween costume. She was going as Glinda and Maddie went as the Wicked Witch. She tried on this hat for Maddie to see.

Maddie helping Nanna lay out a quilt.

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