Friday, September 18, 2015

"The Goops" Poetry Recital

 Izzie reciting a poem called "The Goops" by Gilette Burgess. Memorizing and reciting poetry is part of our Grammar curriculum.

Maddie had the poem down pat, but as soon as she was supposed to recite it in front of the camera she got so worried she'd mess up that she got upset. But we worked through it and she completed the assignment. 



 Izzie working on a drawing exercise.


 Maddie working on an art history project.


 Izzie and Maddie reading together.

 Maddie and Izzie at the library.

 And the next morning, reading, reading, reading.

 Daydreaming Maddie.

 Maddie at the all important eye exam.

Izzie and Maddie in the obligatory photo of the silly eye doctor glasses. All four eyes checked out great!

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