Sunday, September 27, 2015

Happy Birthday to Nanna

 My daisies have metamorphosed into brownies! Izzie and Maddie.

 Closing circle.

 Izzie doing school work, I'm not sure why she's wearing a raincoat???


 I signed the girls up for a Lego lesson at a local lego store called Bricks and More. They sell used and new legos. We got to class a few minutes early to check out the lego city that we heard was there.

 Izzie and Maddie working on the challenge. The teacher had a little lego house built and they had to study it and reverse engineer it to rebuild it out of their blocks. This was something new for the girls, they've only ever done free play or following step by step instructions. This was challenging enough to make it interesting, but not completely out of their skill level.

 After they did the build challenge they got to do a free build with their bricks and then keep the bricks that they used for class.

 Izzie. This was the first time the store held one of these classes, we had fun, and plan on checking it out again, if the classes are still available.

 Jake in a mirror.

 Some of the girls playing stuffed animals at homeschool group.

 One of our fellow homeschool friends is a girl who is 13 and she loves to bake. She has inspirations of becoming a baker and I wanted to support her enthusiasm. So I ordered a cake from her for Mom's birthday. It's a white cake with raspberry filling. Look how gorgeous it is! I got a homemade cake with all fresh ingredients and none of the work. Woohoo!

 My momma. Happy Birthday!

Sneak peak of Izzie's Halloween costume in progress. It still needs the sleeves in this photo. That grin couldn't get any bigger she was SOOOO happy with it. She wanted a ballgown and I delivered. She picked out all her fabrics ad did a terrific job! I would have gone with a solid pink, but this Asian Brocade she picked out is fabulous.

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