Thursday, September 3, 2015

First Horseback Riding Lesson

 Maddie and her water experiments. She started carrying around little bottles and droppers in her purse and she'd explore and test everything she could about water. This went on for a few weeks this summer.

 Writing class. Maddie. We started out with a Narrative, telling a fun thing they did this last summer.


 Maddie and Izzie.

 Maddie and Izzie's FIRST riding lesson! They've been up on a horse at birthday parties before, but this was a real lesson. They learned grooming, leading and got to ride without someone leading them for a short time. We are signed up for a horsemanship homeschool class that meets every other week. This first lesson we came by ourselves so I could meet the instructor and hammer out the details for the homeschool class. It's been working beautifully! They've already ridden bareback, and gone on some short trail rides.

 Maddie grooming Krass.

 This is a picture of Krass the first horse they rode in a lesson. Sadly, he passed away at 29 years old this last weekend. He was mostly retired only doing "light" lessons for beginners occasionally. We were honored to be one of his last classes.

 Izzie grooming Krass.

 Izzie learning to lead a horse.

 Maddie about to lead her horse, Twig.

 They started out on a lead line, but did get to go solo for a few minutes, to see how it would feel.

 Balance exercises.

 This ranch is super cute. There is a rooster and his flock that hang out, and a puppy named Cowboy. The buildings all look like an old town.

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