Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Washougal River Fun

 Maddie using her watercolor kit.

 My front door came with this sign that said, "Home is where the Heart is" in this really country looking font with hearts and cutsie all over it. It was cute, just not my style at all. I finally decided to do something about it. And one day I unscrewed it from the door. I knew that would leave a hole that I'd either have to patch or rehang something so that's what kept me from doing it sooner. Well they didn't just screw it in, they glued the thing on for prosperity. I got so mad that I got a crow bar after it and I literally pulled it off the door, doing surprisingly little damage. Nothing a bit of spackle couldn't handle. But the door definately needed to be repainted. Which was fine, because I'd been thinking of painting it blue for awhile. So I did. (Here it is with the sign pulled off and the handle taped off.)

 Izzie and Maddie at the Battleground library.

 And straight home to read!

 My door. I need to take a better photo of it, it's actually a brighter blue than this, but since it was dark out I had to use my flash and well crummy photo. I decided to leave the inset white. It looks cool.

 A little bug that Maddie made. I had to buy this tin of Altoids for her just so she could make this.

 Afternoon at the Washougal River with Esperanza and Hanukkah.

 Days like this are what childhoods should be made of.

 This spot was SO perfect. It isn't well known so we were the only ones there. It had a big calm area and this "mini rapids" spot. It was about 50' that the girls could sort of ride down, get out and do it over and over and over and over! Next summer we need to bring a raft here. If the river is about the same. Each year it has different personalities. So these mini rapids could be bigger next year.

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