Monday, August 3, 2015

Millersylvania State Park, year 2

 Getting ready to leave for our Second Annual Camping with the Imes Summer Campout. We decided we weren't quite done with Millersylvania State Park so we decided to go back there again this summer. I don't know how people pack without a minivan!

 The biggest bummer was that we were under a fireban this summer, so I had to learn to use a Coleman Stove. Luckily, Mom and Chris had one I could borrow. It ended up working beautifully. And while, I'll always prefer cooking over a campfire while camping, this stove was pretty nice to have, and it sure boiled water super quickly!

It didn't take long for all the kids to become one with the land.

 Andi and Izzie.


 I'm glad I brought this pop up badminton set.


 Andi and Izzie.

 Maddie, Andi and Izzie.

 Alex and Maddie

 Zelda, Andi, Maddie, Zoe, Izzie and Alex

 Photographic proof I was at camp. Andi, Maddie, Momma, Zoe, Izzie, Alex, Angela, Anderson and Zelda.

 We set up the camera timer and all jumped in the photo.

 This trail was intimidating for Izzie. I think she just felt very small and isolated. The trees were amazingly tall around us and she was very scared we were going to get lost. The trail was very well defined, but she had lots of emotions about the situation. As we were going along, Zelda had an accident so Anderson took her back to the tents to change. Then Maddie really had to go to the bathroom and she wasn't willing to use the woods as her own private bathroom, so I headed back with her and Izzie. Angela, Andi, Alex and Zoe were still exploring. Well as the three of us headed back, I took a wrong turn. Izzie lost it. Poor thing. I tried to tell her we were fine but she was so scared. We finally made it back to the tents, but it wore me out.

 Fairy City and Zelda


 Maddie and Izzie making mud. They made "cookies" and other delectables.

 Laying out the mud cookies.


 Camper switch out! Due to a miscommunication, the Imes had to leave after two nights, but I promised the girls three nights. I didn't want to camp by myself so I gave Mom and Chris a call. They came in and spent the last night with us.

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