Monday, August 31, 2015

Books and more books.

 Homeschool Storytime and Show and Tell. We had a big group this time. Esperanza, Ezra, Olive, Maddie, Izzie, Sasha, Kiran, Ilan, Treya, Soapie and Siale along with Maddie and Izzie.

 Olive, Izzie and Treya watching Kiran show off a little robot she made (the blurry thing) she also made a habitat for her robot (the blue box.)

 Splat Pug on a Rug.

 We went to visit Hanukkah on her "Acre of Nature." It's what she calls her acre of land that they are building a house on. When they first purchased it, it was really wild. After some clearing they put up a fort and a trampoline.

 Izzie doing flips.

Camera trick, it takes three pics and stitches them together to get motion. 

 Izzie sewing a little tote bag by hand.


 Hanging out in the backyard with neighborhood friends.

 Book time

 Maddie and Izzie hunting more books at the library.

 Izzie showing off her robe that Aunt Rhonda bought her.

 Izzie, a true Pacific Northwestener now. Tank top and rainboots!

 Maddie and Izzie watching to see where their books go at the downtown library.

Izzie and Maddie taking a moment to read a book before checking it out.

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