Sunday, August 23, 2015

Art and more art!

 I found this little harmless garden snake in my rock garden. He was perhaps a foot long.

 Took the girls swimming with my Mom. The water was WAY too cold for me, but they convinced mom to get in finally!

 Izzie jumping in.

 Sleeping Beauty, Izzie.

 Sleeping Beauty, Maddie.

 Maddie practicing lines for drawing class.

 And Izzie.

 Weekend art project. These chairs were theirs when they were toddlers but now of course they are way to small. I thought we'd paint them fun and funky colors and I'd apply some poly and hang them from my porch as art/pot holder.

 Maddie working on her chair art.

 Along with a Drawing class, the girls wanted more History this year so we are doing an Art History class. We mixed chalk (which would have been natural pigments) with egg yolks and a splash of water to make Egg Tempura Paints similar to how artists would have done it in the 1400's.

It was hard work grinding our chalk with the mortar and pestal, so our paint was a bit lumpy. Egg Tempura dries quickly so we had to use it fast!

 Maddie and Izzie painting with their hand crafted paints.

 I couldn't resist and had to paint something too.

 Izzie blowing a dandelion.

 Izzie modeling an upcycle, I made. The shirt was two small shirts combined and refigured and the skirt was a dress.

 The back is super cute.

 Chris's Birthday Lasagna!

 And we watched Avatar.

Movie night!

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