Sunday, July 26, 2015

More Summer Fun

 Maddie and Izzie trying out their "new" dry erase desks. They work pretty well, not as good as a dry erase board (they are a bit harder to erase) but still, well enough. They've been great for math class, being able to use them as scratch "paper" as the girls solve problems.

 Izzie sporting a fancy bun.

 The wisteria is ALIVE! I came out to find that the girls tied a watering can up in the wisteria, but it appears as if it really just is eating anything in it's path! Actually since having, Kent, our landscaper come and prune the wisteria back it hasn't grown quite as crazy this year. I think he shocked it into obedience.

 We checked out a new park in Washougal with our friends.

 And had a small storytime, because, why not?

 Izzie and Maddie swimming in Rowan and Gracen's third floor hot tub in Portland.

 Funny story. For our monthly Mom's Night Out, we decided to eat at Beaches Restaurant because it is on the river and we wanted to enjoy the view. I got there early because you can't get reservations on the patio. But I forgot to bring a hoodie, you know, it being JULY and all. But it was down right chilly. I mentioned that I wasn't expecting it to be so cold to the waitress and she brought me this day glow blanket to wrap up in. How cool? I would have been miserable otherwise. I've got to say, Beaches isn't my favorite restaurant food wise, in that count they are just "okay." But for service they are top notch.

 Pug in a sun puddle.

 Maddie showing off the latest Lego Kid that Daddy bought her. I think this one is Ninjago?

 Izzie and her lego creation.

 On a whim, I bought this silly Hummingbird Swing. I realize that I could probably have made something just as easily, but it wasn't very expensive and the idea tickled me. I hung it up and I swear, not 10 minutes later a hummer was sitting on it. I was SO excited. And even more excited that I got a picture of it. Even if it isn't a great picture.

 Maddie and Izzie, doing what they love best lately. I think reading books has even edged out legos lately, but maybe just barely.

Well then there is superheroes. That is also on the top of their favorite things to talk about. Here we are at one of the latest superhero movies... Avengers something I think. I really do enjoy the superhero movies, but I keep getting them mixed up. I'll have to ask the girls, they can tell me everything I ever wanted to know and more. (Izzie, John, Maddie.)

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