Saturday, July 18, 2015

Girl Scout Day Camp, Year 2

 Maddie and Izzie ready for their second year at Girl Scout Day Camp. This year the theme was Superheroes, right up my girls' alley!

 And the tradition continued, that while the girls were at camp, Teddy and Bunny found fun stuff to do in and around the house.

Over the weekend before camp, Izzie had been complaining of being dizzy and having a headache. She felt well the morning of camp, so I sent her off but made a doc appointment for that afternoon. Doc said she probably was suffering from a mild concussion from when she fell off her bike a couple weeks prior. Apparently concussions can show effects up to a month after an incident. I'm so glad she had her helmet on. She's fine now, but she had dizzy spells on and off for a while there.

 Cute picture of Maddie and the halfway point of our front pond (aka swamp corner) makeover. We dredged it out and filled it in. Now we are replacing a bunch of the stones that were in the pond to make it a rock garden. We could never get the pond working so it just turned into a gross swampy mess, this will be much easier maintenance.

 While the girls were at camp, I spent HOURS going through the school room, packing up first grade and reorganizing us for second grade. I also painted the top of their desks with white board paint. I was really excited to find paper storage for my construction paper, school paper and drawing paper at a garage sale for super cheap.

 The supply shelf. If only I had taken a before picture. Let's just say it was 100% opposite of this before. The school room had gotten fairly messy by the end of the year!

The desks had to cure for a few days so the girls got creative with their work. And of course, this clean room just called to them to be used! Part of me wanted to lock it up and not let anyone ever back in, which of course isn't practical, but it really did take a lot of work to get it back to pristine condition. Now to get rid of the rose carpet.... but one thing at a time!
Izzie's creative desk while her real desk was curing.

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