Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Disney World Trip: Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom

 Maddie aka Princess Jasmine
Izzie aka Princess Aurora

 John took the girls on the Flying Carpet Ride

 These PARASOLS. Oh these parasols. The girls saw them yesterday at the Magic Kingdom but didn't mention it until later in the day when we were at Epcot. Then they did nothing but talk about them. We told them they could buy them, but we didn't see any at Epcot. So the next day, we finally found the parasols, thanks to Aunt Julie who knew exactly where to get them. And then we had happy smiles. I think that SPOILED is a state of Disney.

 Maddie really wanted to ride the carousal.

 Another parade!

 Izzie, Maddie and I needed a break. Everyone else went on a bit water ride.

 Character Dinner at the Animal Kingdom.

 Maddie and Sabrina.

 Donald and Izzie. Apparently it was Donald's birthday.

 Izzie, Donald, Maddie and Sabrina.

 Maddie, Goofy and Izzie.

When Mickey came to our table, somehow he missed Maddie and Izzie. So we had to track him down in the restaurant to get a photo with him!

 Izzie, Maddie and Sabrina

 Sammy and Grandpa.

 Izzie, John, Grandma and me. Despite the smile on my face that was frozen into place, I was utterly terrified on this ride Expedition Everest. Maddie (in the following photo) has a look of terror on her face and that is what I was feeling too. After getting off this ride, Maddie was in tears and I thought I was going to throw up. Not my idea of fun at all. I was ride shy after this, afraid that all the rides would be too scary for me.

 Maddie, Julie, Sammy, Cody, Sabrina and Chris.

 Now this was my idea of a ride. It goes really slowly and you get to shoot things. The Toy Story ride, was one of my favorites.

Sabrina, Daisy, Sammy and Lucy.

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