Thursday, June 11, 2015

Disney World Trip: Hollywood Studios

 Izzie in the Tinkerbell dress I made the girls. I wasn't going to add wings, but I found these on Amazon for about $4 each and figured it would be so worth it.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 This is the Honey I Shrunk the Kids at Hollywood Studios. It is one of the coolest things at Hollywood Studios, in my opinion. The girls were a bit terrified of it. Perhaps the scale was overwhelming? I don't think they understood it was an enclosed area and that they couldn't get lost. They would NOT just go explore. They wanted me with them the whole time. They did have fun as long as I was right next to them.

 Maddie and Izzie.

 Izzie crying because I was trying to encourage her to just run around and explore the area.

 Maddie decided she was going to go explore, but Izzie didn't like that either. She wanted us to all stay together. It was a bit frustrating. I was hot (as was she) and tired. I just wanted to sit for a few minutes and let them have fun in an area that I thought they'd love. It didn't end up working that way. I got a few cute photos and we were out of there.


Maddie and Izzie waiting in line at the Toy Story Ride.

 While we were doing our thing at Hollywood Studios, Grandma and Grandpa spent some time with Dana's family. Grandpa, Dana, Cody, Grandma, Lucy and Holly. Our group was too big to stick together the entire vacation, but we did make sure to spend lots of time together!

Maddie and Izzie in front of Cinderella's carriage.

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