Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Disney World Trip: Blizzard Beach

 On one of our "off" park days we went to Blizzard Beach. It's a pretty fun idea for a water park. The entire thing is made to look like it's a freezing cold mountain resort, but obviously it is full of hot summer fun. The girls loved this little slide. This is Izzie with Maddie in the back.


 Maddie and Izzie.

 So cool! There were Disney photographers in the lazy river there to take photos using the Memory Maker Photo Pass. Me, Maddie, Izzie and John.



 Grandma, Julie, Grandpa, Holly and Sabrina.

 Izzie crossing the "ice" patches.


Chris going down a very terrifying slide.

We promised the girls some ice cream at Blizzard Beach and for some reason we couldn't find any. They did have some Mickey's on a stick, but they wanted cone ice cream. We were able to convince them to go back to the condo and we'd stop at the little ice cream shop on the property. Totally worth it, delicious ice cream, and I don't think these girls have ever had a cone this big! Izzie and Maddie. 

 Holly, Sabrina, Maddie and Izzie watching Strange Magic at our condo.

 We went to dinner at one of the restaurants that John and I went to when we were in Florida for our Honeymoon.

 This place sells deep dish pizzas and they take FOREVER to come out. It's worth the wait, but it's a long wait. What do we do when we have a long wait? Practice our sign language skills! Maddie and Izzie were teaching the Vrla's how to sign the alphabet.

 Dive in Daddy!

We drove past this souvenir shop on our way to the parks each day and the girls wanted to stop in. It was your standard silly souvenir shop, but still a fun diversion.

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