Saturday, May 30, 2015

Most Awesome Mud Sink EVER

 So, we updated our kitchen with new granite countertops, we had to buy the entire slab of granite. And we had a remnant left over almost big enough to use in the hall bathroom, but not quite. It was just a couple inches too short, so my contractor let me swap it out with a remnant in his show room. This ended up being a pretty good thing, because I think the granite I ended up getting in the bathroom being white/beige and brown looks better than if I had put the black in there. Anyway, all this to say, the old bathroom counter had to come out. Which it did and then got put on the side of the house. The contractor was supposed to come by and haul it away but one thing led to another and he forgot to come by. But then I had a brainstorm and told him to just leave it. By this time it had been rained on a few times and several of the tiles had popped off due to the removal from the bathroom and the rain. I decided this was a plus instead of a minus. I went to the dollar store and bought a few ceramic plates (they were actually cheaper than the ones at Goodwill!!!!) I smashed them up (by the way, broken ceramic is as sharp as glass, ask me how I know this....)

 I had some leftover mastic and grout from the bathroom backsplash project and I went to town creating mosaic spots in and around the white tiles.

Chris helped me build a base out of lumber that was on the side of our house.

 Then Chris, Izzie, Maddie and I dug a trench to bury the black pipe in. This pipe has small slits all along it so as the water drains, it will go into the soil and not make a big puddle. We also pointed it toward a tree that has roots that will be happy for the extra water.

 Our trench was probably a foot and half deep.

 I bought a converter that goes from waterhose to indoor plumbing fixture and then ta-da! We have a mud sink. The thought was that the faucet should be able to stay on during the summer months while the kids are playing and it'll just turn off at the sink (which only has the "cold" water hooked up) but my tap is leaking at the wall so we'll have to figure that out next. For now, the kids can turn it on at the spicket and then have a real mud sink to make their hearts content of mud pies and Mud Mush as they like to call it.

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