Wednesday, May 13, 2015

 Izzie helping me fix her bike. She got a flat tire and we had to replace the inner tube.

 Maddie helping out.

 Maddie playing a math game with Izzie. I wrote a bunch of equations on the board. One girl called out an answer an then the girl at the board had to find the equation and erase it. This was a lot of fun and we did several rounds!

 Misty brought card making supplies to ACE (our homeschool group) and the kids made Mother's Day cards.
 Maddie and Izzie.

 On nice clear days we can see Mt. Hood from the park we hang out on with our homeschool group.

 These scooters have been a hit for several years now.

 Even with this many blooms, we didn't get as many blooms as the previous year. I hope now that we have hired a landscaper to come out and help us with some of our crazy yard that next year we'll get more blooms. He went through the Wisteria and painstakingly removed a lot of dead branches and carefully trimmed back some of the new growth the correct way; instead of hacking at it like we did in the past.

 Most of the blooms are on the underside instead of all over.

 Maddie and her latest Chima Lego Creation. These girls cannot get enough legos. They LOVE putting together the sets and building their own creations too.

 Maddie and Izzie. We tried making rock candy for science, but I didn't find a very good recipe so it failed. We will try it again with a more specific recipe.

 Telling time worksheet. Maddie


 A bit of wind and we have purple rain, uh, petals!

 We lovingly call the Wisteria, 'The Beast." And I swear it is sentient.

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