Tuesday, May 5, 2015

First trip to Toys R Us

 I took Maddie and Izzie to Toys R Us for the first time. They each got $15 gift cards from their Aunt Judy and Uncle Jim two Christmas's ago. And somehow we never spent them. Their Uncle Jim passed away a few months ago and the gift cards showed up on my desk a few weeks later. So I made a special day out of it and took the girls to Toys R Us. Boy were they impressed. We walked up and down each isle and they debated and debated. They brought $10 of their own money to add to their gift cards and they had a very fun time shopping. It was nice to have this very last memory of Uncle Jim.
 Izzie could not decide between a Barbie horse and a lego set. She ended up with the Barbie Horse. Maddie bought a small stuffed dog that barks and a miniature bunny rabbit figurine that she fell in love with.


 Fairy Cyclist Izzie

 And Fairy Maddie.

 Momma Dove

 Baby Doves

 Momma and Maddie

 So the girls got this cool microscope for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa. We've used it a few times and have had a lot of fun learning with it. In our backyard we have a pond that we can't get working. We've worked on it a few times and the whole thing needs to be rebuilt. For the time being we've been ignoring it and the water has turned pretty gross. I've told the girls to NOT play in that water because it is full of bugs they can't even see. To drive the point home, I had Izzie got get a drop of water from the pond in a small dropper. We put it on the slide and saw THIS worm. This is highly magnified. They decided to believe me that, that water isn't so good to play in!

 OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) Trip! Maddie and Izzie.

 Izzie and Maddie

 I took this photo looking out the window of OMSI while the girls were playing.

 The sand table is one of their favorite spots at OMSI. You can build dams, rivers, lakes, etc.


Fairy Izzie

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