Thursday, April 9, 2015

Maddie goes training wheel free!

 Maddie learning to go training wheel free!!!

 Izzie playing ball

 John and Izzie watching Maddie ride.

 We watched our friend, Treya's, bunny Rosie for a week while they went on vacation. Rosie was so sweet! Maddie really wants a bunny so she was really excited to bunny sit. We decided bunnies aren't for us, at least right now though. You've got to do a lot of Bunny proofing of your house and it is hard to keep their cages clean. But Rosie was litterbox trained, which was helpful for when we let her out for exercise.

 Rosie jumping around the girls room.

 Maddie playing with a word wheel at the library.


 Izzie building with blocks. This thing really makes kids have to think because they can only reach the blocks from the holes in the plexiglass. It takes a lot of planning ahead and coordination.

 She was pretty excited about her castle.

 Meanwhile, Maddie found a good book corner.

 The completed bathroom counter!!

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