Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First Father Daughter Dance

 Maddie, Daddy and Izzie about to head to their first Girl Scout Daddy Daughter Dance. (I do love anytime I get to label anything a First, it makes me feel like my babies still are my babies.)

 Just as the girls were about to leave, Nanna showed up, so she got a photo opp with the fancy girls.

 Izzie at a friend's birthday party.

 Science lesson on Evaporation. We wet two paper towels and hung one to dry and left one wadded up in a closed container. The one spread out had more air circulation and therefore was able to evaporate in a third of the time as the other towel.



 I hosted another craft party and invited mom to join us. She came over to my house to make her party dip. She made spinach artichoke dip that went amazingly well with my roasted garlic and rosemary bread that I made. Once the party started I forgot to take any photos of all the friends and the projects they brought! Living in the moment, I suppose!

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