Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wisteria in Bloom

 We had a big homeschool cul-de-sac playdate. The weather was great and the company terrific!

 We had bikes, bows and arrows, balls, hoola hoops and even chalk. These body drawings we did were lots of fun!

 Izzie making a ballerina in the street.

 Their girl scout troop had a talent show and Izzie showed off her amazing handstand skills. She practiced a lot that week to get ready! Maddie showed off her twirling abilities in one of her twirl skirts, she twirled so fast, I didn't get a photo!

 Taking a bow!

 Izzie out on the porch.

 Izzie and Maddie

Front of our house.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First Father Daughter Dance

 Maddie, Daddy and Izzie about to head to their first Girl Scout Daddy Daughter Dance. (I do love anytime I get to label anything a First, it makes me feel like my babies still are my babies.)

 Just as the girls were about to leave, Nanna showed up, so she got a photo opp with the fancy girls.

 Izzie at a friend's birthday party.

 Science lesson on Evaporation. We wet two paper towels and hung one to dry and left one wadded up in a closed container. The one spread out had more air circulation and therefore was able to evaporate in a third of the time as the other towel.



 I hosted another craft party and invited mom to join us. She came over to my house to make her party dip. She made spinach artichoke dip that went amazingly well with my roasted garlic and rosemary bread that I made. Once the party started I forgot to take any photos of all the friends and the projects they brought! Living in the moment, I suppose!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Picnic on the Lewisville River

 Maddie, Izzie and Esperanza coloring over at E's house.

 Izzie, Maddie and Esperanza digging for worms in Hanukkah's garden.

 Apparently my phone is spying on me. I have it mounted to the dash for GPS purposes, but somehow it took a photo of me while I was driving. Weirdness.

 Izzie's completed embroidery project. She purposefully did dashes around the curls to keep it interesting.
 Izzie and Maddie at Crown Park. And look, I just accused them of never wearing the shirt Maddie has on the other day... looks like she has photographic evidence that she has worn it!

 Daddy calming Izzie down after Popo told her not to climb on a picnic table. I don't think Izzie is used to Popo scolding her at all.

 My Ma.

Picnic at the Lewisville River. Daddy, Izzie and Maddie. Nanna and Popo were with us too.

Popo pointing out a dead fish to Maddie. Ew...

Maddie modeling one of the outfits I made for our Disney trip.

Dentist visit, but at least no cavities.

So proud of Troop 45078! They volunteered at a food bank to pack lunches for kids in need. Here they were getting some counseling on what the food bank provides and how to treat any friends who get food assistance. Also, to talk to an teacher, mom or school counselor if they were confused or didn't understand why a friend might need food from a place like this. She really talked well to the kids and built them all up.

Going down the assembly line filling bags up.

These girls worked hard! And after our hour and a half of volunteer time was up they were asked if they wanted to help with one more thing. They all were so excited to yell, "yes!!!" They all really loved knowing they were helping others.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Birds and Bunnies

 This little morning dove made a nest in our tree. It was fun looking out for her every morning.

 Playdoh creation.

 Maddie practicing her skates in the garage.

 Izzie skating in the garage.

 Me cuddling Rosie. We are going to miss her, but not cleaning up after her!

 So on a whim, I busted out the paint and starting painting the walls behind the open pantry. I was planning on doing it, but I just jumped in. Once I committed myself, it was easier to finish the project than put it off. I painted a light sky blue. Even though the walls were cream before, the new color really brightened up the space.

 Good morning Isabelle.

 Embroidery lessons. Izzie carefully starting to embroider the letter I.

 Maddie concentrating on her M. We learned that this is what noble ladies were expected to do in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance.

 Maddie at the library.

 Maddie and Izzie reading.