Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Superheroes and Izzie's Mac

 Maddie and Izzie playing with a bunch of John's superheroes from when he was a little boy. Jackie and Tom sent them to the girls in the mail.

 Izzie making Macaroni and Cheese

Oh yum.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mad Scientists

 Izzie reading on my bed while I'm sewing.

 I accidentally let my serger run out of thread on one of the four spools. Even the instruction manual said that it is easier to tie a knot in the new thread than to rethread for beginners. When I opened it up to figure out how to rethread, I knew it was right. This thing is confusing. But after watching the instruction video and a few YouTubes, I finally got it rethreaded!

 Maddie testing out the "swirlability" of the new Jasmine dress I made her.

 I heard some strange noises and look up to see the skylight covered in hail.

 Just five minutes after hearing the first sound of hail, the front deck was covered!

 Maddie working on spelling.

 Good morning Ms. Isaboo!

 Maddie and Izzie about to warm up with handstands. Izzie especially has really been working to prefect her handstand.

 I bought the girls some droppers from Amazon. They are plastic so I don't have to worry about them being gentle. We pulled out some food dye and the girls pretended they were scientist mixing up potions.
 This seriously kept them busy for hours.

 I left to go do some shopping while they were still playing, and Nanna had to deal with the clean up! She dunked them in the bathtub because they were so colorful. Luckily most of it did wash out!

 Maddie and Izzie at G6 an indoor trampoline place, that is pretty amazing.

 Maddie making quiche (with my help) tonight.

 Her quiche came out perfect!

Look at this cute little squirrel sitting out my sewing room window. He's so chubby!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Finished Kitchen

 Queen of all the legos.

 I've been using my new serger and I really love how it helps make necklines in knit fabric. My necklines have always been a bit wobbly, but this came out fantastic!

 Maddie modeling a nature crown.

 And Maddie modeling my latest upcycle.

 Happy St. Patty's day! And in keeping with tradition, I made the girls a Green Smoothy for breakfast.

 And my kitchen all put back together! I LOVE my new countertops. I still want to add handles to the cabinets and there is some wall to be painted.

 It's hard to photograph the granite because it's polished. It is called Volga Blue and it has these beautiful colbalt blue flecks spaced throughout.

 This sink is amazingly deep. I can easily scrub out my biggest pot.

 Not part of the original plan, we ended up buying a new dishwasher too. The old one was falling apart and just before the reno started the top drawer broke.

 Izzie and Maddie at the library.

 gorgeous day at the park with our homeschool group. It didn't show up in the photo well, but Mt. Hood is in the distance and it was just a great day. It was like a hint of spring, that winter might just almost be over.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Beginning of Kitchen Update

 Maddie at Rowan and Gracen's 7th Birthday Party.


 Maddie and Izzie eating Dip 'n Dots ice cream. That's what the birthday girls chose instead of a cake. I didn't get any photos of the birthday girls though!

 Izzie working hard on decorating the cul de sac. Luckily we have pretty cool neighbors who don't mind a little temporary art in their lives.

 Izzie showing off all her boo boos. These girls have been playing hard.

 There is a giant princess in the cul de sac.

 The girls walking Ripley around the cul de sac. That's all about this old boy can do these days.

 So, a few days after the birthday party, I had a great coupon for new skates. The girls were really enjoying skating and have been asking to go a lot. So I bought them each a pair before our homeschool skating meet up. Izzie thought when she put them on, she'd suddenly be an expert at skating. Probably because I kept going on and on about how bad rink skates are versus owning your own. Well when she couldn't magically go out in the rink and do pirouettes and such, she was mad and sad and frustrated. She pretty much spent the entire time bawling her eyes out. It was so hard to watch. She didn't give up, she skated the entire time, she was just crying the entire time. We both got a lot of weird looks. I think other parents were thinking I was making her skate.

 Maddie and Izzie playing statue in the wall cut outs next to the front door.

 And the kitchen remodel BEGINS!!!!

 My sink.

 First piece of granite to go in.

 Getting the large piece off the truck.

 This was nerve wracking. It had to go in at precisely the right angle and of course it was HEAVY. They were worried it'd snap at the sink part and boy was it pins and needles watching the install, but I couldn't walk away! Oh the drama!

 But it went in fine. Whew.

 My "temporary" kitchen in the laundry room. I'm so glad I kept this one pot burner from my college days! It meant we didn't have to go out each night. The project was supposed to take 3 days max. Ha! Of course it was more like a full week.

 There was a bit of drama with the backsplash install, but we finally got it to a point we were happy with it.

Jake looking regal.