Friday, February 27, 2015

Girls Bathroom Makeover

 So after we scraped up all the linoleum from the bathroom floor, I let the girls draw on the subfloor with sharpies. Maddie & Izzie.

 They started small and then kept on drawing.

 Floor finally all installed! Now to put the toilet back on!

 Poor Izzie got a small tummy bug. Neither of the girls have thrown up since they were one year old, so they aren't familiar with the feeling. Izzie came into our bedroom saying she felt all wiggly. We weren't sure what that meant but cuddled her for a bit and then she wanted to go back to bed. But she came back and said she didn't feel right and her tummy felt really wiggly. Luckily John quickly had the thought she might throw up and rushed her to the bathroom. Sure enough she threw up. She said it was the worst thing in the whole world. She spent the rest of the day on the couch being pampered, but luckily only threw up one more time before the whole thing passed.

 Snaggle tooth Maddie!

 Izzie in the light pink and Maddie in the multi colored gym suit.

 Izzie reading the Barbie book she bought.

 Girl Scout Cookie time!!!

 We had to deliver cookies at Daddy's work, so Maddie and Izzie put on their uniforms, delivered cookies and then we took John out to lunch.


 One of their Girl Scout meetings.

 Izzie writing a story for Creative Writing.

 Maddie looking at the back of a Little Men book to see how many she's read. I think she's read all of the ones in our library system.

 Maddie and Izzie created a Fairy village out of limbs at the park.

 Castle by Izzie

 Cookie booth, Izzie, Maddie, Madeline, Molly and Delia

 Momma and Maddie

 Izzie and Momma

 Homemade Pizza Night!

 My friend, Christina gave me this cute succulent... I hope I can keep it alive.

 Kitchen before... about to get new countertops!!!

 Bathroom after. I love the new floor! The girls wanted to paint the walls purple, but since Maddie at least, is already tired of her pink room, I wanted to paint it something that would last a bit longer. So we compromised with purple accessories. Although I still haven't found a purple soap dispenser. Anyway, I think it looks nice. Too bad, it usually has dirty clothes strewn across the floor.... but we are working on that!

 Maddie learning how to knit.

 Wall of library books. I love this wall.

 Izzie and Maddie exploring the electricity kit they got from Grandpa for Christmas.

 They got the light up fan to work and were pretty proud about figuring it all out!

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