Saturday, December 13, 2014

7 year old Birthday Party

 For the girls 7th birthday, the theme was LEGOS! This is my attempt at making a LEGO man cake. He came out pretty okay, I mean, the girls loved him and that is all that matters, right?

 But the cake mold was pretty small, so I ended up making two.

 I cut out a bunch of yellow lego men for a FIND the MINIFIG game. I hid them all around the living room and the kids had to find them.

 This was supposed to look like  legos, but I bought dollar store plastic table cloth that was too see through, you need something that is thicker, or not on a glass door... Again, the kids loved it, so it stayed up. Imagination filling in the blanks on this one.

 Maddie and Izzie spending some time outside waiting for the party to start.

 I made Crayons with a lego candy mold that I bought, and then stapled Thank You's to the top.

 The girls helped make me some table decorations.

 This was for a team build fun game. Each kid got a random assortment of legos and then they took turns placing one lego on the mat at at time, creating something all together. I wasn't sure how this one would go, but it was awesome. The kids really got into it, taking turns and helping each other out.

 I made a streamer of legos to go across the entertainment center. It actually did come out pretty cool looking.

 One of the hidden lego men, you couldn't see him when the light was off. They had a hard time finding him, so I casually flipped on the light and he was soon captured.

 Maddie, Momma and Izzie

 Maddie and Izzie, SEVEN!

 The kids working on the team build game.

 And the main event, the LEGO movie!!!

 Izzie and Maddie about to blow out the candles.

 Hunting the Lego Minifigs.
And the last game. I emptied out a Krazy Glue and glued it to a clothespin. In the Lego Movie, Krazy Glue is called the Kragle (Some of the key letters got removed from the tube) Kragle is bad for lego men as it makes them stuck. For this game, you try to sneak the clothespin on someone's clothing when they aren't looking. If you find it on yourself, then you quietly pin it on someone else. At the end of the party whoever has the Kragle has to sing the Lego Movie theme song. (Which we all sang together for fun!) Sasha ended up with the Kragle!

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