Thursday, December 18, 2014

Getting into the Christmas Spirit

 Brown Sugar Christmas Cookies for a christmas cookie exchange at Natalie's house.

 So we decided to go with a fake tree up here in Washington since we are traveling to Dallas for a portion of the Christmas season most years and a live one would be hard to keep alive. My friend Angela gave me her old tree, but when we went to plug it in, the lights were dead. I started to unravel it, but it was taking hours and hours. So we decided to put up this little one again this year and I'll spend some time out in the garage this summer unraveling and restringing the big one. This little one is still nice and festive.

 Christmas Jake.

 Izzie and Maddie went to visit Santa at the mall. Awesome benefit of homeschooling, we got to go on a weekday right at opening and skip the lines.

 In studying medieval times, we learned that kids would often make their own dolls out of sticks, plant parts, or if they were lucky scraps of leftover fabric. We made these two cute dolls out of old socks. The girls each hand stitched their dolls, I helped the sew the buttons and mouths.

 Then we decided they most definitely needed hair. I helped them attach a yarn wig to each doll. (Maddie, Izzie.)

 Their homemade dolls.

 We made a quick trip to the library and I said we were just going to grab some books and go, because we were in a hurry, but Izzie found a new Gerald and Piggie book that she had never read before and she HAD to stop everything and read. What mom can say no to that??

 Maddie checking out the Piggie and Gerald books too.

 Maddie found a copy of Dr. Suess's "The Tooth" book, which was one of her favorites as a toddler. She was so excited to be able to read the words this time around. She sat down in the middle of the aisle and got to reading.


 Girl Scout Christmas Party.

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