Tuesday, December 2, 2014

After Thanksgiving. Friends and Family

 After Thanksgiving, we spent a night at Melanie's house. I thought the girls would love to catch up with their old friends Madison and Sydney. I'm not sure if they were just overtired from being on vacation and out of schedule for so long, or what.... but the four girls could not stop fighting. It was ridiculous and Melanie and I were almost at our wits end by the end of the stay. We did our best to keep the peace, and there were moments of happy play. Here Izzie and Madison are wiping off their feet after playing outside on the trampoline for a few happy minutes.

 At least Bunny and Teddy were still getting along...

 We left the four squabbling kids and Hudson, Madison and Sydney's little brother in Melanie's husband, Garrett's capable hands and escaped for an afternoon Tea.

 My friend Ashlea joined us too.

 After we got back from tea, I ended up having to take Maddie to Urgent care with Melanie for a suspected urinary tract infection. That was probably a big source of the moods from the day. Luckily we got her all sorted out and all the kids tucked into beds. Melanie and I were so wiped out, we didn't even stay up that late talking!

 The next day our plan was to keep them busy so they wouldn't fight. Good plan, but it still didn't work that well. We didn't know what was into these girls. They were trying to figure out their pecking order after being apart for so long. All four girls at various points came up to us and said, "No one will play with me." They were all wanting to be "leader."

 Hudson was adorable. He stuffed his backpack so full of stuff he could hardly walk straight.

 We tried to get a photo of all the girls, but this was the best we got.

 Maddie didn't want to be in the photo, but she didn't want to be out of it either.

 We ended up leaving the park because the wind picked up so much that it was blowing Hudson over.

 We dropped Hudson off with Garrett and went to get some pizza thinking, food would help. I was sort of nervous taking these bickering girls to eat in public, but they were all well behaved and super pleasant during the meal.

 In our "keep them busy" plan, we took them to a jump house next. This worked pretty well, but Maddie, who still wasn't feeling 100% didn't want to play too much. She just kept saying the place was boring. But I did catch her having a bit of fun.

 And while I was sad to have to say goodbye to Melanie, I think the kids needed some down time away from cousins and friends. We went to help Aunt Rhonda set up her classroom for Christmas and to have dinner with Mom, Chris, Dylan and Rhonda.

 Rhonda gave Maddie and Izzie an early birthday present of a pink fluffy bathrobes. They loved the superhero bags too.

 Popo carrying Maddie outside of Zorba's.

 And Izzie.

 We spent a couple nights at Mom and Chris's motorhome, because they finally closed on their Wylie house. They were getting the motorhome ready to drive it across country up to Washington!

 Dec 1st, and our Elf showed up at the Motorhome!!!
 Izzie working on some school work. I did plan a few lessons for this vacation to keep us up with our school work. Great thing about homeschooling, is it can be done whenever or wherever we are!

 Izzie and Maddie wearing Rhonda's robes playing with legos that Nanna and Popo bought.

 Maddie, Rylie and Izzie. We had time for a too short visit with their friend Rylie.

 Popo still looking a little scruffy after his exhausting few days of finishing packing up the old house. He worked super hard getting it all done! Now a few days to relax and cuddle the girls... and of course PLAY Legos!!!

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