Thursday, November 27, 2014


 Back in Dallas after our visit to College Station, Jackie and Tom pulled out a bucket from the attic that was full of old building blocks and super heroes from John's childhood. The girls were in heaven. They love superheroes and had a really fun time sorting through some old ones.

 Sabrina got in some of the fun with Izzie.

 Sabrina, Maddie and Izzie playing together.

 Maddie and Sabrina playing ipad. This is what cousins do together these days.

 Maddie, Sabrina, Izzie, Sammy, Holly and Lucy.

 Sabrina, Holly, Izzie and Maddie.

 Grandma prepping up the crescent rolls for the Thanksgiving feast.

 Nanny looking at Black Friday sale catalogs with Julie. She was outraged at "prices these days!"

 Family everywhere.

 This is entitled... "Find the Brother-in-Law." Cody climbed way, way up in this tree. It wasn't that long ago that his health wouldn't let him do something like this, due to Lymes disease. I'm very thankful we have our adventurous and fun loving Cody back.

 We did make him use a ladder to get down though.

 Grandpa's car, ever popular with the grandkids.

 Nanny making the official gravy.

 Jackie surveying the feast. Sammy ready to dig in.

Grandma, Dana, Nanny and Sammy.

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