Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just another great week as a homeschooler

 Maddie at gymnastics

 Izzie in her ballet class.

 At home, we made a "flubber" if I remember correctly it was cornstarch and water. When you slapped it, it acted like a solid and if you ran your fingers through it slowly it was a liquid. Plenty of fun! Next time though it'd be a good idea to put down some towels. Lets saying mopping the floor after this activity was a major necessity.

 Looks like the forecast calls for a couple inches of leaves and branches today. (This was actually what John blew off the roof!)

 Maddie cutting out a medieval shoe.

 Izzie and her shoe design.

 Izzie working on a math coloring sheet.

 Izzie at the library

Maddie reading at the library.

Typical homeschooling week for us, gymnastics and ballet classes, hands on learning activities, trips to the library, cozying up with the kitty, outdoor time as much as possible. Living a great life!

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