Friday, November 7, 2014

Homeschool version of Chopped (like the Food Network Show)

 Went to Costco and saw these HUGE bears. "well kids, you can choose, do you want a bear or a bed?" I mean, I can't imagine anyone having space for this thing!

 Taking advantage of a nice day at the park.

 I got some reading in while the girls got some playing in. It is SO nice to be able to go to a park and not have to follow the girls around. When they were three, I thought days like this would never come.
 Izzie and Maddie

 Izzie hugging Teddy.

 Izzie used some of her own money to buy this 9 in one Barbie book. She was SO proud of her purchase and excited when the mailman delivered it.

 Checked out a Choose Your Own Adventure Book, but the girls were not as impressed as I thought they'd be. These books were AWESOME when John and I were kids.

 Closing circle at a girl scout meeting.

 It's "sorta" warm... and mostly dry, so lets have a picnic!

 Homeschool group met up at Renita's house for a game of "Chopped" The kids all had a crazy good time. Renita was crazy for donating her kitchen for the chaos.

Izzie and Maddie decided to watch the proceedings instead of participating this time around.

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