Friday, October 10, 2014

Westmoreland Park

One day in October, I was texting back and forth with a friend. She mentioned that she'd heard of this new park that I should try out. I got online to see if there were any pictures and what the deal was. It was a pretty far drive from my house, so I wanted to make sure it was worth it. After seeing just a few photos, I knew we had to go that day. It was going to be the last sunny day for awhile and I didn't want to have to wait until spring to go to the park. So I quickly packed some lunches, woke up the girls and we headed out. It turned out to be a fabulous park. Everything a playground should be! 

 It was completely made of natural elements for climbing on. Here's Maddie in blue and Izzie in pink.

 I especially loved this boulder mountain. Each pathway up created different challenges for the girls to figure out.

 The park was crowded (newly opened, last day of sun on the forecast...), but seemed to bring out a cooperative spirit in all the kids there. They all were taking turns and even helping each other with balance on climbing elements.

 Tree trunk balance beams.

 There were also a lot of small limbs that the kids could use to build with and again, it brought out a natural form of leadership and teamwork between kids who didn't even know each other.  They were trying to construct a way to easily climb to the lowest branch on this tree so they could climb higher in the tree.

 The girls were determined to climb a tree that day. The problem was that the lowest branch was for the most part just out of their reach. But for older kids, these were amazing climbing trees. We finally found one tree that they could sit on one branch of. This seemed to make them happy.

 Leaving the park we passed a pretty little stream.

 And a very large reflecting pool/manmade duck pond. It was a bit green with algea and was a bit over populated with ducks. When we arrived, we had to be careful because there was so much goose and duck poop, but while we were playing at the park, city workers were power washing the sidewalks, which helped immensely.

All it all, it was a fun day and I'm so glad I spontaneously decided to head to this park, but the day wasn't over. We barely had time to get home, change clothes, grab a snack and head to our Homeschool Pumpkin Patch meet up... photos next time!

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