Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Chenault's Visit

 John's friend John, his wife Carolyn and their adorable almost two year old Genevieve came to visit us.
Multnomah Falls is a popular tourist destination. It's a pretty amazing waterfall, with just a very short hike. Here Izzie is standing on a rock at the base of the trail, with Genevieve trying to climb up too.



 Multnomah Falls

 We gave the girls our old phones, factory reset so they are just cameras. Here Izzie is taking her own picture.

 Later that afternoon I took Carolyn and Genevieve to one of our favorite parks. Genevieve was so fast I didn't get any photos of her in focus and that is saying something because this one of Izzie swinging came out pretty cool.



 Maddie and Izzie working on a pirate ship drawing.
Finished ship.
 Maddie having some down time.


 Maddie and Izzie

 Awesome sunflowers that Carolyn bought me. She noticed that I had a bunch of sunflowers in my kitchen and figured they were my favorite. She was right!

 Daddy watching Izzie scale the walls.

 After eating dinner at Twilight Pizza we went to the Sandy Swimming Hole. Swimming season was over, but I wanted to show Carolyn this pretty spot. She had fun taking photos. Here Maddie, Izzie and Daddy are studying rocks to pick good ones for skipping.

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