Sunday, September 14, 2014

South Lake Tahoe Photos, Day 1

 We woke up early to drive to Tahoe. It's about 12 hour drive including stops so we we got up early and hit the road. Our goal was to be there by 6pm. As soon as it started getting light out we saw a couple of hot air balloons, what a way to make a road trip special!

 Maddie working on a sticker book I bought for the road trip.

 John did all the driving. We were going to trade off, but he enjoyed the driving and I did all the turning around to help with kid stuff.

 Roadtrip Selfie!

 There were some very amazingly beautiful views as we drove along. My camera did not do any of them justice.

 Even when the land got flat, the day was so bright and beautiful that it was an enjoyable trip.

As we drove into Reno we saw a wall of smoke from forest fires in the area. The forest fires that ended up cutting our trip 3 days short. It was still a great trip. More photos to come!

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