Thursday, September 18, 2014

South Lake Tahoe 2014, Last Day, 5

 Day five ended up being our last day, but we didn't know that, that morning. We got up and hung around the condo for most of the morning, taking it easy. We had tickets to go on the Rum Runner, a yacht that toured Lake Tahoe later that afternoon. Then we still had three more days of vacation, but the California forest fires put an end to that. The smoke hit Tahoe and it was so bad you couldn't be outside. Not wanting to spend a day cooped up in the somewhat small condo we all decided that it was probably best to just start the drive home. We were very sad to leave early, but glad we got so much fun packed in and a chance to visit with Grandpa and Grandma. It was a great vacation.

 Maddie playing with Anna and Elsa dolls that Grandma got them. They set up this entire playscape on the table using pinecones and pine needles.

 Before we went to the Rum Runner, we found a little Mexican Restaurant to eat at. Daddy and Maddie.

 Izzie and Momma.
 We arrived at the lake and I took a few pictures from the shore. It was a beautiful day and I just couldn't help clicking my camera away like crazy.

 It was so bright that I bought these sunglasses for the girls at the souvenir shop, I'm glad I did, because the sun's reflection on the water was intense. John and I both had sunglasses and I think the girls appreciated having them. Since it was the end of the season, these were the last two. Izzie of course grabbed the pink ones faster than you can blink.

 Laid back Maddie didn't mind the blue ones with the airplanes on the side. She said they were pretty cool looking. And since they matched her jacket that was a plus.

 walking to the yacht.

 Back at the condo. Maddie started playing with her nature fines again.

 Everyone else was having leftovers, but there wasn't anything that I particularly wanted. I had noticed a sushi shop within walking distance to the condo so I decided to go get some and bring it back. As I was walking the four blocks or so, I noticed a smokey smell in the air. I thought someone was grilling or something. Then I go to the restaurant and went in to wait for my food. By the time I got out, there was a wall of smoke behind me as I walked back toward the condo. I sat outside eating but by the time I finished, I could start to see the smoke moving even closer. Within an hour the entire area was covered in a thick smoke. We went in and shut the doors and windows. After watching the news we decided to pack it all up and head home in the morning. It wasn't the best way to end a vacation, but I'm glad we were able to drive home without getting detoured from the forest fires.

Taken right before the smoke rolled in. I didn't get any shots of the smoke in the air because we were so busy talking about what we were going to do about it.

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