Wednesday, September 17, 2014

South Lake Tahoe 2014, Day Four

 Day four was one of those hang out at the condo and relax vacation days. I read a book, took a nap and took the kids to the pool, which equals awesome fun in their minds.

 Grandpa and Izzie.

 Maddie, Grandpa and Izzie .

 Izzie coloring in front of our condo.

View out of our door. That is the famous trashcan that the bear came to visit each night we were there. I'm not sure why the Condo people didn't put it in maintenance closet or put a bear proof lid on it. One night while John, Jackie and I were sitting at a picnic table at dusk visiting we heard some guy clapping really loudly and saying, "go on! get out of here" we turn around and not 20 ft away was a black bear. Luckily that guys clapping did scare him off, but it was quite the excitement!

I had to send mom a text message saying, "We've encountered lots of fun wildlife on our trip, we saw a snake, some fish, squirrels, chipmonks, a hawk and a bear."

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