Monday, September 15, 2014

South Lake Tahoe 2014, Day 2

 Daddy and Maddie playing with super heroes, chilling out in our condo in Tahoe.

 Izzie, Daddy and Maddie

 Izzie and Maddie hanging out on the front lawn outside of our condo.

 Maddie and Izzie

 Pictures from our first hike. The sepia tone ones, I put my sunglasses in front of the camera lens to get a different effect. The sun is SO bright up in Tahoe, a lot of times photos get washed out.

 Grandpa with Izzie and Maddie. Grandmas in the background. We were staying at one of their time share condos. It was a fun family get away!

 We were all picking up sticks for walking sticks when we turn around and see John holding up his walking stick. Yeah, he didn't walk very far with it, but it sure was funny! This really was a log that had fallen to the ground and somehow he got it balanced up like that.

 Izzie spent all summer trying to find the perfect tree to climb.

 Down by the lake.

 Grandpa, Izzie, Grandma, Maddie and Daddy.


 John and I left the girls with Grandma and Grandpa to have a date night in Tahoe. These whirly gigs were from a local artist and were pretty cool.

 We went to a place called Fire and Ice where you go down a raw buffet and pile a bowl up with ingredients and pick a sauce. Then they cook it on a giant round flat top for you.

 I somehow managed to smash my margarita into John's plate. Luckily it was an all you can eat buffet so he was able to go get another plate. I felt ridiculous. I just happened to sit the glass down at a funny angle hitting the edge of his plate just so and it shattered everywhere.

 After dinner, we went to the casions for a bit and had fun on penny slots. Then got back to the condo just as Grandma was reading the girls a bedtime story.

And then they were out. First full day at Tahoe was fun and exhausting!

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