Tuesday, September 9, 2014

School is in Session!

 Maddie and Izzie practicing balancing on their skateboards.

 John giving Ripley some love.

 I bought Jake a new catnip toy and boy was he excited.

 Lego City is getting big and complicated!

 And back to school. Maddie working on coloring a puppet from Ancient China.

 Izzie working on copying pronouns for grammar class.

 Maddie working on some math equations.

 Izzie working on spelling.

 Maddie getting ready for show and tell at our homeschool Storytime and Show and tell.

 Maddie and Momma.

 Izzie's bringing this Camper Lego set to show and tell. I got it when we got back from our Homeschool Campout.

 Storytime at Esperanza's house! There's Hanukkah, Holly and Olive.

 Treya, Maddie, Ezra, Olive, Esperanza, Izzie
The topic was Bees and Holly had some beeswax for all the kids to play with while she read them some stories. Fun times. 

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