Thursday, September 4, 2014

Not Back to School Campout 2014

 Izzie wearing my camping hat as we get ready to head out to the yearly "Not Back to School Campout" for homeschoolers. This was our first year to go and we definitely want to go back! It was so much fun!!!

 We were the first family to arrive after the Host and so I got first pick of campsites. We got a great spot, under the trees, close to the fire pit, and not too far from the latrines.


 Hanging out and waiting for other families to arrive. Maddie and Izzie.


 There is something awesome about hanging out in a tent. I remember when I was a camper, tent time just was special. Maddie and Izzie are coloring with Esperanza.

 We did hot dogs the first night. Esperanza, Izzie and Maddie.

 Marshmallows! Izzie had a hard time getting them just right. I kept trying to show her some proper techniques!

 Maddie, aka sticky fingers from licking marshmallows!

 Esperanza and Hanukkah
 The deer that kept coming to the campgrounds.

 Climbing trees was a HUGE hit. Esperanza, Maddie and Izzie

 When it got dark, things got a big scary. There were SO many kids (17 families worth) it was hard to see who was who. Also since this was our first year, we didn't know that many of the people. Most of the homeschoolers were from Portland, not Vancouver. Someone handed out glow sticks and it was crazy fun seeing the kids running around with them. This photo was taken with my flash, it was REALLY dark! After a few minutes of dark play, it was time to go to bed.

 I brought the slackline and it was a HUGE hit. Some kids had seen one before but for a lot of the kids it was a new experience.

 The slackline line grew quite long at times!

 The second day we participated in a nature walk put on by the park we stayed at. This is Esperanza, Izzie, Julia and Maddie

 Photo of SOME of the kids at our Not Back to School Campout!

 The guide showing tracks. We saw beaver tracks and where the beaver chewed on a tree.

 Izzie found a rock shaped like a heart. Of course she did!

 Volcanic rock from Mt. Hood.

 Exploring small river life.

 Beaver tree.

 Izzie and Maddie making a fairy space.

 More tent time.

 Izzie eating lunch.

 Maddie eating her lunch.

 walked down to the river to swim and climb.

 I made the girls a peanut butter sandwich and covered it with a napkin. They were playing across the campground, maybe 50' away. Instead of yelling, I walked over to them to tell them lunch was ready. When I turned around the deer was eating their sandwich! It happened in a flash. The deer was no where near by when I was making the sandwiches! Sneaky girl.

 A friend and Maddie watching their sandwiches disappear.

Izzie, happy camper. 

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