Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More pictures with the Chenault's.

 Maddie taking her first spelling test.

 Izzie taking her first spelling test.

Words all spelled correctly, not to work on getting them facing the right direction.

 We pulled these blocks out for Genevieve to play with and they became fun and exciting for the girls all over again. Maddie and Izzie building a city.

 We opened this playdoh that my mom sent and thought that playdoh was packaging them differently. I was so excited thinking it was pretty cool. Then when I talked to Mom about it, she said that she opened the containers and made all the balls so that she could "play" playdoh with the girls across state lines. Awwww...

 Maddie opening the purple.

 Izzie about to go into her Ballet class. The girls were nervous because this was their first activity to sign up in different classes for.

 Maddie decided she wanted to stick with gymnastics while Izzie explored Ballet. The first couple sessions were rough, while they got used to being in classes without sissy.

 We took the Chenault's to OMSI. There's John, Maddie, Genevieve and Izzie.

 The sandbox area is always a hit.

 Maddie stole my hat.

 We went to dinner at Beaches, a restaurant on the Columbia River. After dinner, we walked out to the shore for a few pictures.

 They got these toy swords at the restaurant and were taking turns "knighting" each other.

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