Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mini Maker Faire

 For the second year we went to the Mini Maker Faire in front of OMSI. While waiting in line I snapped a shot of this colorful woman! Mini Maker Faire is a parking lot fair full of vendors and artists that showcase hand made items from the full tech to older ancient methods.

 Izzie using a 3D pen. You could actually build up with this pen, but it was hard to get the hang of it.

 This is the flower she made.

 Maddie giving it a go.

 Maddie, John and Izzie. They made these masks with unused wallpaper pieces.

 Izzie launching her homemade air rocket. It went higher than any other rocket we saw from the other kids!

 Maddie launching her rocket. You can see it in front of the blue shelter.

 Maddie learning how to polish a stone.

 The stone worker had a Flintstone Car in front of their booth. John and I were so excited, but the girls were confused not exactly sure what the Flinstones were.

 We remembered these from last year. They are so much fun to build with.

 Maddie working on a shape.

 Moving Legos. 

Izzie in jet plane model.

 John looking down at Izzie and Maddie.


It was a fun day. The first year when we stumbled upon Mini Maker Faire on accident it was a complete surprise and so much fun. This time, it was still a great day, but that newness was gone. Still, it was fun to visit some of the favorite booths and we did see some new things too. 

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