Monday, August 11, 2014

Swinging from Trees

 Sometimes having a twin sister means that you grab some shoes on the way out of the door to put on when you get where you are going and then you realize you grabbed two right shoes so you just have to go barefoot. This is what happened to Maddie and when we got to the park at least we had a good laugh and luckily, they have tough feet and usually kick off their shoes anyway.

 I thought this was a picture of Izzie but it's Maddie!

 Maddie and Izzie.

 Maddie swinging from a tree.


 Posing with our friends. Kayla, Izzie, Maddie, Makena and Isaac. They moved away at the end of the summer, but not too far, so hopefully we'll still get to see them sometimes.

 Another day, another park. Homeschool girls hanging out in what apparently many years ago was a boat shaped sandbox. Now it's just sort of a boat shape.

 The BIG Queen and her throne. This throne which turned into a castle was an entire project that morphed along during the summer. I think it is still going months later with rooms and rooms. Believe me when I say, I do not think these girls will ever have enough bricks. They just create and create and create. Everytime we go to the lego store, a few days later we hear, "Can we get more legos??"

 Jake trying to wake me up. "Mom the sun is up!" Yeah, well in the summer the sun is up at 4:30 in this part of the country, go back to bed Jake!!! (this was not at 4:30, it isn't quite that bright out that early in the morning and I wouldn't be awake enough to snap a photo anyway.)



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