Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rewild June and Zoo Field Trip

 Our June Rewild Portland theme was Coyote. The kids went on a track hunt and they didn't end up finding coyote tracks they did find regular dog tracks, bird tracks and a set of otter tracks! They mixed up plaster to make a molding of some of the tracks.


 Maddie and one of the other girls from the class.

 Three of the counselors telling a story.

 Lunch time!

 The adults learned miniature basket weaving. this is about two inches across. It's so cute! I'm going to put a piece of holly and red berries in it and turn it into a Christmas ornament.

We really have enjoyed every homeschool day that we do with Rewild. The girls enjoyed their daycamp with them too. It's a really awesome non-profit company dedicated to teaching conservation, earth skills and respecting all aspects of nature. If anyone is looking for fun "experience" gifts for the girls and I, gift cards toward Rewild would be awesome. Peter knows us so I'm sure he could work out a gift card thing.

 The girl scouts voted on the Zoo as the place to use up the last of their cookie money and do their end of the year party. What a great choice! The zoo was pretty busy, but we managed to keep all the girls together and had a really great time.

There was a demo on different animal scat. They even had rubber examples. Some of the girls were still confused what Scat was so I said it's "POOP!" and they all giggled. The Zoo Volunteer (in purple) was not amused at me. But she kept saying, Scat this and Scat that and the younger girls were totally confused. But then they all got into the discussion and had fun matching the poop... uh... scat with the correct animal.

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