Thursday, August 14, 2014

Homeschool Storytime, Pooptastic

 Packed up the girls kindergarten work. It was fun to see how much we did throughout the year.

 Homeschool Storytime. The theme was "Poop." We talked about tracking animals and a bit about the human digestive system.

 Heather had a craft from the Grossology book to make Poop but it didn't turn out very well. But the kids had fun with the textures.

 Kids playing with Treya's fairy garden.

 Fairy houses were very popular this summer. Here is one Izzie made with seashells in our backyard.

 One of Maddie's fairy house.


 New fruit baskets. Always over flowing, filled weekly.

 Setting up our schedule for 1st grade.

Clair and Maddie, girl scout friends.

 Caitlyn and Izzie
Maddie, Claire, Izzie and Caitlyn playing legos.

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