Monday, July 21, 2014

Where I play with a new camera phone

 I need to google "Best places for kids to climb trees in Vancouver." Izzie spent all summer trying to find good climbing trees, but she never did find on that was completely satisfactory.

 Izzie sitting in her old  toddler carseat at our garage sale. We used them up until about a year ago!



 My new camera phone has a "Sports Action" button again. I'm able to catch some pretty cool spins, jumps and twirls on it! Maddie testing it out for me with a big twirl!

 A random picture of how our Guest Room has evolved. I used to have a big sleigh bed in here, but then the room was pretty much useless unless we had guests. So we sold the bed and bought a nice futon. Now guests still have a place to sleep, but the rest of the year... it's a LEGO room! Also, I was pretty excited about that lampshade that I hand sewed back there in the corner. It was the girls baby room lamp, so I tore it down and upcycled it into something more grown up.

 My camera also has this feature which captures a spin or leap in motion and stitches the pics together. Maddie

Izzie. But if you don't time it right, it sort of cuts out chunks... !

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