Friday, July 25, 2014

Melanie's Visit

Another storytime at our house. Our storytime sessions are so much fun! 

 After we were done reading, the kids got to go play. I was impressed that Maddie and Izzie were able to have so many kids in their space without a melt down.

Izzie climbing walls. Just the norm around here.

 Maddie emptying the dishwasher.

 With Izzie.

 Although, it usually turns into a game. Usually involving super hero powers.

 The barbies are having a pow-wow. These girls have a LOT of barbies. Although most of them are Disney dolls and not Barbie brand Barbies so the girls still want more. Of course.

 Melanie came to visit!!! So of course we went to Tea. I found a place in Ridgefield called Myrtle's Tea House. It was really quaint and fun!

 The tea was delicious.

And there was a lot of food. We were stuffed by the end!

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