Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Storytime

 Izzie spent several nights working on this princess palace. I wish I had gotten some pics with the roof off, but she ended up taking it apart before I could snap interior pictures. She had a bunch of rooms like a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room inside with furniture. It was pretty elaborate!

 I tried taking a pic through the door... didn't turn out that great. She didn't want me to take the roof off.

 She decided she wanted to take it to our Homeschool Storytime/Show and Tell

 Here is one of the rooms when a piece of the roof fell off.

 Transporting it wasn't easy, but boy was she proud of this master piece! The other kids were impressed too.

 I didn't take any pics of the storytime, which was at Holly's house this time. The theme was bees and she gave each kid a piece of beeswax to play with while she read some bee stories. It was one of the hottest days we'd had so far in Vancouver, so a dunk in the water trough was welcome indeed! (Ana, Olive, Maddie, Izzie and Treya.)

 Holly pulled out a slip and slide and the kids all had a great time sliding down. I think this is Olive, although Izzie was the first one brave enough to try it!

 Izzie only made it half way down her first go around.


 The day was HOT the water was COLD. These girls wrapped up tight but warmed up fast enough!

 They went home in their swimsuits but weren't done with water play. We made this homemade water sprinkler with some electrical tape and a water bottle.

 Izzie running circles.

We tried hanging it from the wisteria but it only lasted a few minutes like this and then the pressure rocketed the bottle off. Keeping it on the ground ended up working the best. Funny thing is, I bought a store bought sprinkler a few days later because the homemade one you had to redo the tape each time, but they liked the homemade one a lot better.

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