Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th

 Maddie and Izzie. Part princess part bandaid.

 I bought these IKEA bookshelves for the girls room but then stole them for the den. I think I want to put a couple more rows. They are great for our library books!

 If you squint your eyes and are very familiar with the My Little Ponies you will notice that these legos are actually Rainbow Dash, Pinky Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Rarity.

 Smoke Bombs on the Fourth. We opted for a relaxing stay at home day. We bought a few smoke bombs, a few sparklers and some of those small cracker things that you throw to the ground and they go Boom. We were considering going to a show but there is a REALLY big on at Fort Vancouver and the crowd is in the 10,000's of people. Sounded more like more trouble than it was worth.

 It doesn't get dark until really late here in July. Something like 9:45 to 10 pm so that means that we had some girls that were very impatient to start the fireworks. Not to mention it was way past their bedtime and they were tired. I saw this trick with putting their hands in a plastic cup with a small hole. Good thing! It really helped from getting burned.

 Izzie in the blue dress, Maddie and Daddy the blur.

Oh I guess we did get a couple that you light and walk away and they twirled and sparked on the ground. They were pretty neat, 

 And of course Bunny and Teddy could NOT miss out on the fun!

 Turned out that we didn't even need to go see a "big" firework display. Our neighborhood was plenty exciting. The firework laws are very, very loose here so pretty much any direction you looked there were giant fireworks in the air. It is pretty cool, but the fact that they go way into the night for a week before and a week after the 4th does dull the excitement.

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