Saturday, July 12, 2014

Girl Scout Day Camp

~Izzie and Maddie playing Pirate~

 For the second week of July the girls went to a Girl Scout Day camp. The camp was about 5 minutes from John's work, so he worked it out where he went in a bit later in order to drop them off each day. They took their booster seats to camp and I picked them up in the afternoon. Both girls really had a fun time at camp. When I picked them up each day they were on a mile a minute about everything they did. When compared to Rewild Day camp they said they liked Rewild better because you got more free time to just play, but they loved all the activities and songs at GS camp. I think both were a hit, just both were also very different experiences.

 More slackline fun!

 Maddie and Izzie working on a fairy house. This summer was spent making many a fairy home.

 You can kind of see the hammock bed in this fairy house.

 While the girls were at Day Camp each day, I spent hours cleaning and organizing the garage for a big garage sale. We ended up not doing that great at the garage sale, but it was a relief to donate some items and make more room in the garage! Izzie and Maddie kept peeking in to discover new-old things that I kept uncovering.

 The last day of camp was "Twin Day." So Maddie and Izzie wanted to play it up and dress exactly alike down to their toes. It ended up not being a big thing, but they still had fun planning for it. Not to mention they got to wear the orange skirts that Nanna sewed for them close to two years ago. I'm surprised they still fit. She made the and then I promptly lost them. Like totally and completely *poof.* It was right during when we were packing for our move and they somehow ended up in a strange box that didn't get uncovered until I was cleaning out the garage. I'm glad they have the opportunity to wear them!

 I also found a couple of old adult size dresses that were given to me eons ago. They were neither my style or size so I cut them down to twin size! I made one yellow one and I got two red ones out of the reversible red dress.

 Random awesome sunset thrown in for fun.

 One of the red dresses. modeled by Maddie.

Izzie, Maddie.

 And as tradition dictates, Teddy and Bunny went to their own camp while the girls were away. Here they are playing with John's D&D dice. They found them in the garage.

 One day, I put Teddy and Bunny to work sorting toys in the garage. But they had a couple of friends from my childhood to help them out. Annabelle my cabbage patch girl and my Mandy doll.

 Bunny and Teddy playing a maze game.

 Having a tea party.

And goofing off. I bought the girls a crystal looking fan pull and Bunny and Teddy wanted to show it off.

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