Sunday, June 1, 2014

Girl Scout Build A Bear Fieldtrip

 Since the older girls in Izzie and Maddie's troop got to spend the night at camp and the Daisies didn't, the Daisies had extra troop funds to spend with their cookie money that they earned. They voted to go to Build-A-Bear. Which was great since my girls have never been. Well they knew the store, but they've never built a bear from it.

 We went to the mall that had a Build A Bear workshop and of course had to stop and look at the coy pond.

 It took the other two girls quite a while to pick out which bear they wanted but when Izzie and Maddie saw the pink sparkly kitty they immediately grabbed it. The troop gave them a $20 gift card to use and they decided to add $20 of their Christmas money to it.

 Izzie and Maddie.

 Maddie and Izzie holding their unstuffed kitties.

 The line was a long one, but we finally got to the stuffing machine.

 It's quite large. Izzie holding her pink kitty.

 There was a "heart ceremony" and all the girls put a heart in their animal.

 Then they took them to the air bath and scrubbed them up.

 Maddie found a cute stuffed pug wearing real roller skates as we were leaving. It was so cute!

The girls with their new stuffies!
 Maddie and Izzie also bought a dress and magic wand and tiara for theirs.

 Then we went to the food court and had PIZZA!

 Bunny doesn't have very many clothes since Bunny is so tiny. When I saw this little dress at Build A Bear, I bought it for Bunny.

 We got home and a tea party took place on the deck.

All in all it was a fun day. The Kitties ended up being a pretty big waste of money. Maddie and Izzie who LOVE stuffies have only played with these kitties the day they got them. They have silver sparkles in their fur that are sort of a stiff plastic and that makes them "itchy." So the girls don't like holding them. The fieldtrip was fun, and the girls do still like the look of their animals, but they don't like playing with them. Then again, I guess a lot of people have fancy dolls that they look at and don't play with, so I guess it's about the same as that.

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