Monday, June 30, 2014

Finishing up June

 Maddie and Izzie with our friend Angela at the Sandy Swimming Hole in Washougal. It's one of our favorite summer hangouts.

 Izzie and Maddie


 Friends Amy with her triplets and pregnant Ashley with her twins and two boys were also at the river with us.

 After all that swimming fun, we stopped by Natalie's new house just a few minutes away from the Swimming Hole. She has a home movie theater so we put a movie on for the kids. Maddie and Izzie thought it was pretty darn amazing.

Maddie made a giant lego man named Jimmy.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

First Sleepover!!!

 You know, I'm so glad that we still have lots of firsts. It makes me feel like maybe, just maybe that my girls are still my babies. We invited Maddie and Izzie's friends Rowan and Gracen to spend the night for my girls' first sleepover. Luckily Rowan and Gracen were old pros at the sleepover situation and they were just awesome.  I made Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup for everyone for dinner and then it was movie time.

 In a rookie mistake we asked all FOUR girls what movie they wanted to watch. Oops. I think 45 minutes later they FINALLY all agreed on The Lego Movie. Whew.

 Which of course led to wanting to play legos before bedtime.

 Did I say bedtime? Ha!

 I think they all finally fell asleep after much encouragement around 11:30. I don't think Maddie and Izzie have ever been up that late!

 The next morning they woke up earlier than I expected!

 After breakfast we all did a sewing lesson together. Gracen and Rowan made pin cushions for their first project.


 Izzie continued to work on her stuffed animal that she designed.

 After they left Izzie drew a picture of her friends and what they were wearing. Gracen, Rowan, Izzie and Maddie.

 Izzie's finished stuffed pig.

It was a really fun sleepover and the girls were very good hosts. I asked them if they were ready to spend the night at a friends house, Izzie said sure but Maddie said she wasn't quite ready just yet. We'll see!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bathroom Remodel

 Our hall bath was a dark room that I wanted to lighten up. I figured while the girls were at Rewild Day Camp, it'd be a great opportunity to tackle the project. It ended up taking pretty much the entire week. Mostly because the dark paint took a few coats of KILZ to cover. And then the first top coat I on ended up being too creamy so I eventually did the top just a bright white, which was perfect. I chose a light blue for the bottom. Originally I was going to do a green to match the shower curtain, but I decided that I liked the contrast of the green and blue and I already had some leftover blue paint from painting my office nook. The other semi-challenging part of the project was putting in a chair rail. I forgot to take Before Pictures. I think I have some from when I did a walk through of the house when we bought it, I need to dig it out.

 I picked up a miter-box and got to work on figuring out the angles for the chair rail. It wasn't that hard, but I did make sure to measure twice and cut once!

 The little bump there in the wall was the hardest part but I got a good fit!

The finished room almost looks twice as big and it is so much more pleasant in there. It no longer feels like a dank cave!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Rewilid DayCamp

Last summer I put the girls in a half day- day camp and they loved it so much they wanted to go a second week. But by that time all the spots were full. So this year I looked for two camps to put the girls in and I also figured they were old enough for all day. Which they were and they had a blast! Rewild Day Camp is a very relaxed go with the flow experience. It is guided learning and exploration. At the end of the day the girls just thought they were having fun and playing. The theme of the camp was Sand and Mud and they spent a lot of time playing on the beach of the river getting muddy and building sand castles. They also worked with clay and made mud "tattoos."  (Izzie/Maddie)

Last year when they went to their half day camp, they were nervous and they asked me to make sure to take care of Teddy and Bunny. So I set up "Lovey Camp" for them to see what they did all day while they were gone. I decided to continue the tradition this year.

The Cottonwood at the park the camp was at was crazy. It was 3-4 inches thick in some corners. When we turned into the parking lot, it looked like it was snowing in June!

End of day one and you could tell these girls, they had FUN. (Izzie/Maddie.)

Day 2. (Izzie/Maddie.)

End of day. Happy Smiles!

Day 3. (Maddie/Izzie.)

Day four Bunny and Teddy. We were late to camp that day and I didn't get a picture of them in front of the sign.

Day five called for rain and it poured at home, but luckily they stayed mostly dry.

Izzie really wanted to wear this fancy party dress. Since it is almost outgrown, I figured why not.

Maddie apparently got hot and rolled her tights up to make shorts.

Some pictures that the counselors took: