Friday, May 2, 2014

Troop Meeting

 This is Izzie and Maddie practicing our Gerald and Piggie puppet show.

 A slightly out of focus Jake. But he looks SO cute. I think I'm turning into a crazy cat lady. I've been taking just as many pictures of my kittykat as my kiddies lately.

 The leader needed an extra adult to hang around for ratio numbers at a girl scout meeting, and I was the lucky mom. Here is the troop working on some badge work. Our troop is multilevel and it's so awesome seeing the older girls really help the younger girls. I'm actually surprised Girl Scouts doesn't promote this type of troop more often. It really works great. It's more work for the leader to find badge work that fits all the levels, but seeing it in action has been great.

 Izzie. They were working on a collage.



Maddie and Izzie cuddled up at home with their lovies. This blanket was one of John's old college blankets. His mom found it and sent it to us not that long ago.

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