Saturday, May 31, 2014

Izzie's Ear Piercing!

 The tooth fairy brought a shiny dollar and a mini my little pony. Izzie was much more impressed with the pony than the dollar, but she did like that it sparkled.

 I love it when I catch my girls curled up reading together. Izzie is reading to Maddie.

 John up on the roof blowing all the millions of pine needles that collect very quickly!

 Saw this growing in my backyard, it's called foxglove, it's pretty poisonous but we warned the girls to stay far away from it. It's way on the side yard that they don't play in, so I'm not too worried.

 Maddie and Izzie playing with giant chess pieces. We were on our way to get Izzie's ears pierced! Maddie didn't want her ears pierced yet. Since then she's gone back and forth a couple of times, but so far hasn't said that for sure she wants them done.

 Izzie asking if it was going to hurt a lot. She wanted pink hearts, but the standard stud was either a small star or ball, she chose the star.

 Trying to show off her new earrings. We stopped to play at the park for a bit before we headed home.
 Maddie and Izzie, we got a really great coupon with the ear piercings so they each chose these tiaras to buy.

 They want to climb all the way over this, but they get scared right at the top. One day they'll do it! It is pretty high up, you can't quite tell how high from this photo.

 While they were playing Maddie wanted me to hold her tiara. Somehow I ended up taking a selfie with Izzie.

 One more picture mom!

 Photo taken at the girls' troops' bridging ceremony. Since we are a mulit-level troop, about half the troop bridged up to the next level. Izzie and Maddie will be Daisy's for one more year. (It used to be Daisy's were only kindergarten but now it's K and 1st.)

Troop Photo! I'm still learning the girls names, so I'll have to have Izzie and Maddie help me with this photo. 

 The girls spent a day with their troop at Camp Arrowhead for a service unit campout. The older girls actually spent the night, but the daisy's were only allowed to come for the day. They were pretty nervous because they left at about 8 am and didn't come home until almost bedtime. But they had a very, very fun, exhausting and terrific day. (Maddie, Izzie)

A picture of their troop at Camp Arrowhead

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