Thursday, April 3, 2014

Homeschool Field Trip: Seattle!

 Our homeschool group organized a field trip to ride an Amtrack train from Vancouver, Wa to Seattle, Wa. The ride was about 3.5 hours to get there, the afternoon in Seattle and then 3.5 hours to get home. John took a vacation day from work so we could go as a family. We arrived just before 9 am to the cute Vancouver train station. There's Maddie, John and Izzie walking up to the station.

 Our train pulling up to the station.

 Maddie and Daddy.




 Izzie. Our group had this entire car.


 Even more awe... Maddie and Daddy. It was a long 3.5 hours. We didn't bring that much entertainment, since we'd have to carry whatever we brought as we walked around Seattle. Next time, it'd be worth bringing just a bit more for the girls to do. They quickly got bored looking out the windows.

 By the time we got to Seattle we were very hungry for lunch, but we didn't just want to eat anywhere, we wanted something fun and touristy. We split off from the rest of the group to just spend as a family day. After passing a few possible places for lunch, we found a fish place on the pier and it was pretty good! Izzie and Maddie ate every single lick of food and wanted more. That train ride wiped them out! On the way back to the train station at the end of the day we passed a Sourdough place and got fresh sourdough sandwiches for the dinner ride home.

 Daddy and his girlies.

 My cuties.

 We went to the Seattle Aquarium for our main activity. It took us about half an hour to walk from the train station to the aquarium. It was sort of drizzly but not too bad.

 This was a round jellyfish exhibit. It was pretty cool.

 Watching the diver was my favorite part.

 I even found Nemo.

 Overall the aquarium was fun. Incredibly way over priced, but fun. We can say we've been there, done that.
 After the Aquarium, Izzie was brave enough to go in the big huge Ferris Wheel with me. Maddie got too nervous and decided to stay back with John. I think afterwards she regretted it when Izzie said she had so much fun, but she wasn't too upset.

 Izzie loved it, we were in a car by ourselves and she kept going from side to side to see how much she could see. It was neat that we could even see the train station in the distance at one point. So we could tell how far we had to walk.

 The Seattle Train station was really ornate inside!

 We were very worried about missing our train, so we made sure to get back to the station with a time to spare. Maddie and Izzie playing on Daddy's phone while we waited.

 Maddie playing with the souvenir I bought them, magic glitter wands.

Izzie. We were a tired family by the time we made it home, but it was a terrific fun day! I'm so glad John went with me!!!

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